Menopausal Syndrome

In her 50s, had earlier menopausal syndrome with hot flushes and night sweat disconcerting her regular sleeping and daily life. Only after 5 sessions of acupuncture, the hot flushes in her body were significantly reduced, her sleep quality was greatly improved, and her emotion and personal life returned to normal.

Acupuncture once a week

In the recovery stage after her breast cancer surgery, developed a symptom with excess heat inside her body and felt feeble. After 4 sessions of acupuncture once a week, the body heat was successfully controlled. She has returned to work and feels energetic everyday.

The pain was almost disappeared

A 40 years old business lady, found her neck extremely painful after a long distance driving, had difficulty to turn around and could not sleep at night. After 3 sessions of acupuncture, the pain was almost disappeared.

Impressed by noticing the ruddy complexion in her face

a 40 years old business lady, appeared to have bags under her eyes and looked tired. Only after 4 sessions of cosmetic acupuncture her face became healthy and glowing, and all of her clients were impressed by noticing the ruddy complexion in her face.

Tried cosmetic acupuncture

A 55 years old lady with a jaw line problem, tried cosmetic acupuncture. She was very happy to notice that her jaw line was properly lifting up immediately after the first session of therapy. She is on regular maintain service now.

Face appearance returned to healthy and glowing

Irina had wrinkles around her eyes and was sensitive to cold air. Having received 10 sessions of cosmetic acupuncture, her wrinkles were diminishing, her tolerance to cold air was improving, and her face appearance returned to healthy and glowing.

Knee was significantly improved

Hurry a worker in a busy restaurant, hurt his knee and lower back badly. After 5 sessions of acupuncture, the condition in his knee was significantly improved and no pain was left on his lower back.

Acupuncture treatment

Poli a 44 years old lady, have had acupuncture treatment 8 sessions in 2 months. Here comes her experience: “I came here for my shoulder tendonitis and stress. You healed all of my symptoms in such a short time period. I wish I had known you a long time ago. You are a truly attentive,

Symptom was completely disappeared

Liang developed a symptom with his hand sweating due to constantly working with computer. His family doctor suggested a surgery to cut a nerve. But he decided to take an alternate approach to avoid a surgery. It was diagnosed that the cause was due to lack of flow of Qi energy and a blockage in

I can sit comfortably and bends down freely

Martyn a 44 yeas old gentleman with a symptom of sciatica, had been treated with acupuncture for 20 sessions in 6 months somewhere and came to my clinic for help because he could not sit comfortably without much pain. After 4 or 5 sessions, he was excited to note that he can sit comfortably and

Much more flexible

Jianru has visited me for 5-6 times in 3 months. “I was working with a lot of stiffness in my neck, after each acupuncture session I felt my neck was released and more and more and has much more flexible.”

I have had a fantastic experience with acupuncture

Pauline a 43 years old lady, had visited my clinic 35 times in the past 12 months. Here is her experience: “I have had a fantastic experience with acupuncture. Initially I came to get some relief for my lower back pain and the nerve problems with my legs and feet. After several treatments I was

Only 8 sessions

Amyl had skin rashes on her face, eye lids and ears for more than 2 years. She has seen her family doctor and skin specialists, but after one year of treatment, the rashes persisted and became even worse. This led Amyl feeling very depressed. It was diagnosed that these rashes were resulted from constantly overheating

All the dark spots under her eyes gradually disappeared

Fang experienced bags under her eyes for more than 20 years. It was diagnosed that the symptom was a result of poor blood circulation and lack of Qi energy. By taking the herbal supplements and acupuncture treatments 4 times every week, all the dark spots under her eyes gradually disappeared and her face appeared glowing.

3 sessions of acupuncture treatment

Natasha a 23 years old girl, had a heart racing when she was sleeping. She also felt anxious in day time, disturbing her work. It was diagnosed that the cause was due to imbalance of heart channel and nerve tension. With 3 sessions of acupuncture treatment in a week, her heart racing stopped and she

Sleeping quality was greatly improved

Michael had pain in both his lower back and the right side elbow, seriously disturbing his sleeping. After receiving a number of treatments from a chiropractor, the pain still remained and in addition he developed black color phlegm in his body. He was diagnosed to have an imbalance of energy in the upper body that

Lower back pain was completely released

Phlegm was blocked in the middle chest. With acupuncture treatment, his elbow pain and lower back pain was completely released. His sleeping quality improved.

The wrinkles were gone and the lines nearly vanished

Fen Zhang came for cosmetic acupuncture to reduce her wrinkles around her eyes and diminish the lines around her mouth. After 3 sessions of treatment, she was so happy to notice the differences on her face. The wrinkles were gone and the lines nearly vanished. With a big surprise, her menstrual pain also disappeared.

acupuncture treatment release sciatica

Allen had a symptom of sciatica and was unable to walk in two weeks. With only 7 sessions of acupuncture treatment, his pain completely and permanently relieved.

Skin cleared within 4 weeks

Kalen suffered from severe eczema and rash all over his body. By taking Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture treatment, his skin cleared within 4 weeks.

Urination returned to normal

Bettie a 40 years old lady, developed a symptom of frequent urination after having a baby. With 4 sessions of acupuncture treatment, her urination returned to normal.

Acupuncture release lower back pain

June had a severe lower back pain for one week and could not get up from bed. After 5 sessions of acupuncture her back pain was completely gone.

Acupuncture treatment combined with Tuina massage

Mike had arthritis for 15 years with symptoms of frozen shoulder and neck stiffness. After 4 months of acupuncture treatment combined with Tuina massage, his shoulder became flexible and neck pain was gone.

With Chinese herbal supplements and acupuncture blood sugar level returned to normal

Linda an engineer, had diabetes and insomnia with chronic pain all over her body. With medication, her blood sugar remained above 13. While by taking Chinese herbal supplements and acupuncture, her blood sugar level returned to normal after 3 months of treatment.

All the symptoms have been released

Chen had rhinitis for many years. He was frequently sneezing and had red itching eyes and nasal congestion. After 5 sessions of acupuncture, all the symptoms have been released.

Elbow pain disappeared after 4 sessions of treatmen

Zhong a Korean teacher, was suffering from tennis elbow. He had deficiency in his spleen and stomach such that he considered acupuncture to avoid taking any medicine. His elbow pain disappeared after 4 sessions of treatment.

Acupuncture treatment making my night good

Chen Xing had a symptom of night sweat for one year. After 5 times of acupuncture treatment, combine with Isotonix brand  Calcium supplement , he was able to sleep through the whole night without sweating.

bad Shoulder pain

Alice , 45 years old , suffer from bad shoulder pain for 6 month. When the first time I touch her upper back, I found she could barely take any pressure on her muscles . After 2 sessions acupuncture treatment combine life style changes, her shoulder pain reduced significantly, she is very happy to see

Brampton ,Ontario

Detoxification success

Ana,45years old, overweight for many years, come with 256Ib , waist line was 46inches. She likes sweets , chocolate and cookies. Because she has chronic inflammation ,the pain is unbearable for her ,even with acupuncture treatments , the result does not last for long. I suggest her to do 7days detoxification, one week before preparing