Supplement and herbals


  • PRE-DETOX : Complex / Aloe juice/Probiotics/Digestive ( Enzyme 4 products )


1, Vitamin B complex


-helps heal internal skin – membrane lining

-calms nervous system, reduce stress, improve sleep

-helps metabolize protein – energy

-improves your mood

-helps  production of red blood cells


-contain folic acid vitamin B8 which helps colon rectal cancer and breast cancer up to 40%


-iso means the same, tonix means pressure

-certain amount of powder mixes with certain amount of water, when taken empty stomach, it will be absorbed in 5 to 10 minutes, up to 90 to 95%.


2, Aloe juice

Benefit   :   

-soften stool

-heal internal skin

-boost immunity   

-more than 200 vitamins and minerals

-good for constipation and diarrhea


But Not Everyone Was Convinced:

3, Digestive Enzyme                

empty stomach - anti-inflammatory and blood detox

-with food or after meal –-----help break down food


-7 types of enzyme, 1.5 billion probiotics


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4,   Probiotics

-balance good and bad bacteria (flora)


-helps gastrointestinal (GI tract) contraction – bowel movement

-boost immunity

-pH balance – virginal and urinary tract health

-supports oral health – teeth and gum health


-LiveBac and BioTract technology – no need to be refrigerated, long shelf life

-10 billion CUF of 10 strains of bacteria

-it gets activated in small intestine where it is alkaline

-no binder or filler

How to take: 2 pills in the morning with empty stomach, 2 pills before bed

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  • DETOX kit : NutriClean liver and colon detoxication


Fibre powder : 1 scoop powder in the morning, take with a cup of cold water.

-soluble fiber – stabilize blood sugar, cholesterol  level, repair lesion along gastrointestinal tract

-insoluble fiber – expand with water, work like a scrub to clean the built up waste in the colon

-1.5 b microorganism

Colon release pills : 2 pills in the morning.

Before bed : 1 clear package ( 2 colon release pills + 2 liver cleansing capsules)


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Complete Greens

-WHO recommends 6 – 8 servings of salad every day

 - check if you have taken enough per day. if you take 8 to 10 servings of salad, no Greens.  If you take 1 to 2 plates of salad, you need 2 tablets or 1 scoop of Greens.  Prevent tumor or cancer – in alkaline environment.  We need to build our body fluid alkaline, prevent acidity – inflammation – tumor or cancer.

-pH balance, strong alkaline.

-promote gut health


-boost immunity

-improve energy level

-daily flush for kidney and liver, clear heavy metal.


-56 types of green grasses, vegi, fruits

-contain royal jelly, bee pollen, herbal roots

-extracted in low heat – contain enzyme

- cell walls of grasses is broken for 99% absorption